Top 5 places to visit this summer


Summer’s coming up fast. If you haven’t booked your vacation yet, don’t sweat it: we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 great Caribbean destinations to check out this summer. Get ready for the sunshine!

1. Dominican Republic Ocean World , Cofresi Beach, Saint Joseph

Ocean World is a marine park, amusement park and beach resort in the Dominican Republic. It’s located on the eastern coast of Hispaniola island and has several attractions including dolphin shows and rides on motorized rafts called “flotillas” that go across a lagoon where dolphins live.

If you want to spend more time relaxing at the beach, Ocean World also offers hotel rooms with access to its own private beach where guests can enjoy swimming pools or play volleyball.

2. Bahamas Atlantis Paradise Island , Cable Beach, Nassau

The Bahamas is a tropical island country in the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 miles southeast of Florida’s coast. It has 700 islands, including a few dozen that are popular vacation spots.

It’s easy to get to the Bahamas from many locations in North America, Europe and Asia via direct flights or cruise ships. The most popular islands for travelers include Grand Bahama Island , Bimini and Freeport-Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island .

If you want to visit one of these places but want something a little different than just being on an island all day long (how boring!), Atlantis Paradise Island Resort & Casino might be just what you’re looking for. Located right next door to Nassau , this resort offers plenty of activities like swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cay at Dolphin Cay or parasailing over Paradise Beach . You can also have lunch or dinner at one of their restaurants before taking advantage of any number of other activities such as scuba diving lessons; snorkeling trips; casino poker tournaments; karaoke nights; bowling parties….you get the idea!

3. Mexico Hotel Riu Lupita , Playa del Carmen

  • Mexico Hotel Riu Lupita , Playa del Carmen

Located in the Mayan Riviera and just steps from the beach, this family-friendly resort offers a variety of activities for every member of your crew—from swimming and snorkeling to getting pampered at the spa. Plus, with a pool to keep everyone cool and happy, there’s no need to travel anywhere else for fun!

4. Jamaica Sunset at the Palms – Adults Only , Negril

Jamaica Sunset at the Palms – Adults Only, Negril is located on the secluded West End of Negril. Guests can enjoy an all-inclusive stay in this adults-only resort, which features one restaurant and two bars. There are also multiple pools and a beach bar, as well as a kids club for younger travelers.

The rooms at Jamaica Sunset are large and airy, with a balcony overlooking either the pool or ocean views. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and minibar (for an additional fee).

Set against a backdrop of rolling green hillsides that overlooks two sparkling turquoise lagoons; guests will find themselves surrounded by gorgeous scenery that makes for some truly memorable moments during their stay here at Jamaica Sunset.

5. Costa Rica Grand Papagayo Resort , Playa Panama, Guanacaste Province

If you’re looking to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, then this is the place for you. Located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast near Playa Panama, this luxury resort offers seclusion and privacy without sacrificing luxury. It has a private beach where guests can enjoy swimming in warm waters or relaxing in cabanas while watching the sunset over one of their many pools. The spa at Grand Papagayo Resort also offers a wide range of treatments that will leave visitors feeling rejuvenated after a day spent in paradise. The casino is another popular feature that caters to both adults and children alike with its family friendly atmosphere, kids pool and kids club filled with fun activities for children up to 12 years old.

There are many wonderful places to visit in the Caribbean this summer!

This summer, you won’t want to miss the many wonderful places to visit in the Caribbean. Whether it’s a family vacation or just a relaxing getaway with your significant other, there are many things to do and see on your visit.

  • Try out some of the top resorts in the world by staying at one of these luxurious hotels:
  • The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Resort & Spa – This five-star resort provides guests with everything they need for an enjoyable stay, including fine dining and luxurious accommodations.
  • The GRAND Hyatt St. John’s Resort & Spa – Located on beautiful Saint John Island, this hotel offers sweeping views of both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea (and its signature sunset). The property also has excellent amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools—as well as access to nearby activities like snorkeling tours!


I hope these 5 places will inspire you to start planning your next summer trip. They are all beautiful, relaxing and fun destinations that you will enjoy visiting in the summer months. You can visit any of these locations without leaving home because they have excellent facilities and service! 

Book your summer trip at info@livelycotravel.com , text us at 903-751-5126 or via the website www.livelycotravel.com


How to stay healthy while traveling.

It’s no secret that experiencing new places can be thrilling, but it can also land you ill if you aren’t careful. New environments, fast food, and many other factors can come into play when traveling and it’s not always easy on our bodies. I know I can’t be the only one who’s brought home a bug after a fantastic trip.

Here we’ve got some tips to help you stay healthy while living your best life exploring the world.

Tip 1- Hand Washing
I know, since 2020, we’re probably all very used to this extra hand washing idea. Regardless of the things happening in the world this just makes sense, and it’s something we probably don’t slow down enough to do as we should. Touching things in gas stations, rest stops, and other tourist locations is just asking for the sniffles to snuggle with you. So, wash your hands, friends.
(Bonus tip- use soaps that aren’t filled with fragrance. Fragrance actually accosts your respiratory system and makes you more susceptible to illness)

Tip 2- Enough Sleep
This might leave you scratching your head and thinking “this is a vacation!” Its true, you are having an amazing time away from it all, but I promise, your body will be able to fight off any little yuckies that you happen across much easier if you aren’t overly fatigued.
(Bonus tip: If you are road tripping for multiple hours, split it up and stay overnight somewhere. Even if you have a buddy to drive with you, there’s no sense in pushing yourselves to the limit)

Tip 3- Healthy Food
Hear me out. I know you’re going to explore all the local cuisine, especially the world renown fried oreos. Yet, in the middle of all that decadence I’d encourage you to plan in some plant based meals that are light on the body. Fruits, veggies, easy to grab healthy snacks. I really enjoy the amount of healthy options available to use these days. Pack a cooler, drink enough water and make sure to have just as much nature based food as you do exploring the fun local fried pies as well.

Tip 4- Healthy Wellness Routine At Home
One of the best ways to stay healthy, whether on the road or in normal life, is to have a good Wellness Routine. Probiotics are a great place to start, alongside a daily vitamin. Look into the brand you buy, make sure they are clean and don’t use fillers but having this already in place before you even leave the driveway will give your immune system the best chance at curbing the yickies while you’re away.

Do you have more fool proof ways of staying well while you’re adventuring? Feel free to leave a comment below, we want to hear from you!

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U.S. won’t lift COVID travel restrictions, White House official says — The Mercury News

The long-running travel restrictions have barred much of the world’s population from the United States since 2020.

U.S. won’t lift COVID travel restrictions, White House official says — The Mercury News

Lively Give Back Program

“Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.”
― Orson Scott Card 

Alexas-Fotos. ‘Motivation.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-Free.

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe in a silent wave bringing pain, isolation, and loss. If there is one lesson humans as a species can take from this tragedy is that our communities are as important to our well-being as our homes.

The Lively Company appreciates every community’s importance, but strives to act locally when it comes to charitable giving, volunteer hours, and investing in community members who have fewer resources available to them.

The Lively Company cares about people which is evident in our certified-organic products and the coaching services we offer. Our products and services center around helping others find their Aliveness because happy people are more infectious than any terrible virus! 

The Lively Give Back Program is our way of helping the Austin community. For every product or service, we sell we will donate to any of these charities:

  • Safe Alliance
  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes
  • Central Texas Food Bank
  • Caritas of Austin 
  • Austin Pets Live
  • Austin Partners in Education
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Meals on Wheels 
  • Brown Girls do Ballet
  • No Kid Hungry

Sharing Makes Us Stronger

The team at the Lively Company genuinely care about the health and happiness of every community, both locally right here in Austin, Texas and throughout the world. 

People come first before profits or scaling a business. Healthy communities are more prosperous, tend to be safer, and help businesses innovate and grow while providing the next generation a future they can look forward to.

Hope & Achievable Goals 

As technology refines modern life developing communities should have access to clean water, sanitation, public education, healthcare, and food! 

These goals are all achievable by working together and do what we can to help those around us. Hope is the essential element to a happy life – not just our friends or family either. We depend on those who serve us from our morning latte to the hardworking people who stock the grocery shelves.                                                   Smith, Ron. ‘Hope.’ Unsplash.com. Copyright-Free.

The Lively Company Commitment

It is clear our ever-changing world needs a glow-up. The Lively Company strives to be the change we want to see in the world. We want to see our company grow and become even more prosperous, but we want to accomplish this while the community experiences the same good fortune.

We believe people come first! The tides are changing for businesses around the globe as consumers wizen up and stop spending their hard-earned money on businesses that exploit workers, produce unsustainable products, or source goods from less than honest providers. 

We promise to remain committed to helping our community through charitable giving, volunteering, and conducting our business in ethical and forward-thinking ways. 

We urge you to explore volunteering in your local community. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity need help building houses for families who are investing their time and energy into making better lives for themselves. Austin Pets Alive need responsible foster carers for at-risk cats and dogs who need a place to crash while they find their forever homes. 

However, you choose to help the community know that your energy and thoughtfulness are truly making the world a better place. We can advise you on how to start volunteering and aid in helping you make strides toward finding your passion, and your own Aliveness! 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get those feel-good chemicals (oxytocin) flowing today! 


Traveling Within the United States During the Pandemic

It is a worrying time to be travelling right now. There is differing advice on how much you should travel and how far you should go, depending on the country you live and even the state you live in. As the world slowly, and carefully, returns to normal, many countries are beginning to relax their border controls. It is becoming more and more safe to travel to different countries and to start planning vacations again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends that you avoid all nonessential international travel but perhaps you need to travel inner state to visit family or for businesses. Either way, with the ‘stay at home orders’ being lifted and restrictions easing, you need to know which states have restrictions on travel right now before you make your journey. 

States with the highest record of infections

It is important to know which states have the largest spread before travelling. There are also some states that have different restrictions depending on whether you are coming from a state with a low or high number of cases. The 5 states with the largest number of infections are New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Texas.

States where it is mandatory to self-quarantine for 14 days

Kansas. Travellers must self-quarantine when travelling from any states with widespread infection rates (see above).

Florida. Travellers must self-quarantine when travelling from the New York Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

New Hampshire. 

New Mexico. Some essential workers such as health care workers and airline employees must self-quarantine when coming in from another state. Keep an eye out on www.newmexico.org for changing information.

North Dakota

Rhode Island 

Massachusetts. All must self-quarantine except essential workers. 

States which advise that you self-quarantine 14 days




Nebraska. Travellers are advised to self-quarantine when coming in from states which have a high number of infections (see above).




Vermont. Travellers are advised to self-quarantine except for those travelling from states with the number of covid-19 cases similar to their own.



States with special restrictions

Alaska. Anyone coming from out of state must complete a travel declaration form. They must also be tested 3-5 days before travel and can only enter if they test negative.

Hawaii. All travellers and crew will need to fill out a travel and health form before boarding.

Maine.  Travellers are required to fill out a certificate of compliance at hotels and other lodging establishments.

Utah. All travellers entering are required to complete a travel declaration form.

States with no Travel Restrictions

















New Jersey.

New York.

North Carolina.



South Carolina.

South Dakota.




West Virginia.


We at Lively Company want you to be safe but we also want you to be informed. Because of the ever-changing situation, be sure to check on your own states restrictions as well as any in your destination state, in plenty of time before your journey. 

Stay Safe, Stay Informed.


Reality Check: Is Virtual Travel the New Normal?

Depending on your location, you’re likely beginning to notice shelter in place restrictions being lifted and businesses cautiously reopening their doors to the public. One of the hardest hit industries is travel and tourism. There are still several ongoing international travel bans applying to those trying to enter the US, and many will only be able to fly into predetermined points of entry. Airlines are feeling the squeeze and will likely operate at a limited capacity for the rest of 2020, or until it’s deemed safer to allow for additional flight bookings while maintaining social distance.

We know adventurers like you are itching to get back out there and do what you do best: checking coveted destinations off your list. For some, it may require halting or rescheduling upcoming travel plans due to the ongoing pandemic, which can be disheartening for travel enthusiasts. But fear not, there are some alternatives that allow you to explore distant lands from the comfort of your own couch.

The concept of virtual travel has been around for years, but it has increased in popularity since the beginning of 2020, likely due to tourists who had to forego their travel plans for the foreseeable future. Travel destinations can be made into an immersive experience by means of a virtual reality headset, but there are some caveats involved in this method of travel. The headset can be heavy and uncomfortable for a prolonged period of wear, or cause dizziness and nausea in some.

Virtual Reality (VR) researchers are working to create special body suits that can mimic at least some of the sensations you’d get from an in-person travel experience, but the technology falls a bit short and doesn’t currently allow for the immersive smell and taste sensations like you’d get in person. If it were us, we’d miss the droolworthy food experiences that usually go along with traveling to a new destination. Also, VR doesn’t always allow users to personalize their own itineraries or go off the beaten path. One option that may allow for a longer, more tourist-like experience is to take a virtual walking tour (many are free on YouTube) that allows for a longer, more realistic experience so you can get your travel fix without any extra equipment.

On the upside, virtual travel does allow for a more eco-friendly experience and gives access to new and exciting destinations for those who may not physically be able to hop on a plane. One additional positive to checking out your desired destination through videos or VR experiences is that you get to ‘try before you buy.’ For extended walking tours, you can also take note of additional places you see along the way and add them to your itinerary for when you’re able to make the in-person trip in the future. Think of it as pre-planning, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Lively Co. Travel is now booking cruise vacations for 2021, and we’d love to help you plan your next great adventure! Give us a call or shoot us an email for more details.


An Introduction to Lively Co. Travel

A little about who we are and how we can help you!

Can you believe it’s already December? With the holidays just around the corner, most of us tend to look like we’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Rest assured, if holiday travels are part of your stress, Lively Co. has got you covered! 

Oh, wait, I forgot to introduce us! We are Lively Co., a full-service travel agency. Formed in 1983 as a family-owned company called American Travel & Tours, we have since rebranded and changed management. Based out of Austin, Texas and at the head of it all, is CEO Taylor Harrell-Goodwin. 

With a decade of hospitality service under her belt, Taylor offers years of expertise and quality attention. With awards in Hospitality Management, a seat on the AHLA for Women in Lodging and board member in SGMP Capital Chapter. 

Next to her, is a team of dedicated people that are determined to provide you with the best service in the industry. Basically, we want you to relax and give away all of your stress, worries, and questions to us. We kinda know what we’re doing, and we’re happy to do it for you!

Think of us as your travel concierge, delivering you excellent round-the-clock service, awesome deals, and experiences you have been dreaming of! We have excellent relationships with Norwegian cruises, Disney, Carnival and Delta Vacations, just to name a few. 

Whether your preferred vacation is relaxing on the beach, having a blast at Disney, networking at corporate events, snow skiing in the mountains, or traveling the high-seas, we’ll get you set up on your trip promptly. Just send us some simple info, like your budget and your destination and we will completely personalize your experience. Voila- you’re on your way!

We do everything for you, from start to end. We’ll book your flight and hotel, your rental car, tour guides, family activities and more. 

Got questions about the hoppin’ spots in Europe? Want to know how you can get a super deal on hotels in Hawaii? These are things that we have expertise on. You don’t even need to lift a finger or Google a single phrase. 

Are you planning on traveling for the holidays? With Christmas around the corner, we know that traveling can be a hassle to plan. Give us the pleasure of helping you out so you can eat turkey and take stress-free tryptophan naps!

So, we wanna know, where are you planning to go for the holidays? Comment below!

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